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Welcome to BTA !

Bundelkhand Theatre Art (BTA) is a organisation in theatre field for providing the scope as well as cultural activities for them who are interested in Theatre, Drama, Music etc.... Specially DRAMA and FOLK.

BUNDELKHAND THEATRE ARTS (Bundelkhand Natya kala Samiti)[BTA] is an organisation which provides platform to those who are interested to work on issues that benefit the society in some way or the other.

The sole aim of the group has always been to work towards the betterment of the society by instilling the idea of fellowship through service to the common masses. To achieve this goal, the idea of tapping the energy of youth in a positive way was thought and as a result BTA came into existence.

The group consists of youth actors and directors who have the zeal to make a difference. The associated youth get an opportunity to enhance their knowledge that further provides an excellent platform catering to the social needs of different types of existing communities. By doing so a healthy relationship among people worldwide is developed through a framework of educational theatre including folk and modern theatre.

Service Overview

  • Diploma in Music
  • Deploma Certifiation in theatre
  • Yoga Activities in theatre
  • Weekly Playing Drama
  • Group Performance
  • Stage Activities with different profiles